Singapore's Segway Vending Machine Targets Impulsive Buyers

 - May 23, 2018
References: cnet &
Vending machines are now capable of giving out canned bread and all sorts of technology, but a new Segway vending machine in Singapore is helping impulsive buyers select the perfect personal transport vehicle. Designed by Gogreen, a distributor of personal transportation devices, this new vending machine touts itself as the world's first Segway vending machine. The machine currently features a 55-inch touchscreen that lets customers pay for products with a card or mobile payments.

The machine will be available 24/7 and is built to hold seven items at a time. The machine is currently stocked with the Segway MiniPro, ES2 Kickscooter and Segway MiniLite. Gogreen hopes that the introduction of the Segway vending machine will appeal to those that have rented or tried a Segway in the past and are hoping to purchase one "on impulse."

Image Credit: Zoey Chong/CNET