The Sega No Taiyaki Food Stand is Serving Up Snacks in Tokyo

 - Apr 3, 2018
References: & kotaku
Video game fans will soon be able to visit the Sega no Taiyaki food stand in Tokyo to fulfill all their gaming-based food cravings. The snack stand is owned by legendary Japanese video game company Sega and will be serving up taiyaki made by Kurikoan.

Not to be confused with the similarly sounding takoyaki -- a ball-shaped Japanese snack made of wheat flour -- taiyaki is instead a sweet snack shaped like a fish. The fish-shaped waffle is generally stuffed with a sweet filling of red bean paste, custard, cream or even chocolate. Kurikoan, a Yokohama-based purveyor of the traditional pastry, is one of the largest distributors of taiyaki and currently runs chains of stalls in Yokohama and Tokyo.

The Sega no Taiyaki food stand is currently serving the snack in its traditional fish shape, but Sega has announced that future tie-ins with video game characters and anime will occur.