The Seesaw Stretcher Self Balances to Keep the Injured Level in Transit

 - Dec 18, 2013
What happens if somebody is injured while skiing, while climbing a mountain, or while engaging in some other activity in a remote location on uneven ground? The Seesaw Stretcher has been designed to provide necessary assistance in such situations, enabling the slightly safer carriage of a wounded person.

This piece of rescue equipment functions on the principle of a teeter-totter, with the handles included in the framing metal component and the actual bed balanced within it on an axis across the middle. The victim should be laid down so that his center of gravity is equally distributed over both sides of the Seesaw Stretcher so that he'll remain flat even if his helpers are descending a hill.

Jeon Youngwon and Jeong Eunji's concept was a 2013 Red Dot Design Award winner.