'Seeing You' is an Immersive Performance That Engages Audience Members

 - Aug 7, 2017
References: broadwayworld
The newest immersive theater experience from the creators of Sleep No More and Queen of the Night was introduced as 'Seeing You,' which promised to invite those in New York City to an "unnervingly timely experience" wherein "patriotism gives way to uncertainty and fear."

The start of the experience is set under New York City's High Line, with tableaus vivants playing out in illuminated areas amidst complete darkness. Throughout the experience, the "audience" is given time to bond with cast members and interact with the community that sets the scene during WWII. During some parts of the immersive theater experience, audience members are tasked with writing down answers to challenging questions like "How many lives would you be willing to take in order to save one million American lives?"