Artist Toby Atticus Fraley Shows the Secret Life of Robots

The Secret Life of Robots by artist Toby Atticus Fraley shows us the surprising truth that robots are just like us.

A new exhibit presented by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, Fraley created these cute automatons using vintage thermoses, picnic coolers, and other found objects. The heights of the robots range roughly between 4 and 5-feet, with some of them even having animatronic and illuminated elements. Some of the robots can be seen passed out in front of the television, taking photos of their robot children who are taking their first steps, and even doing household chores like vacuuming while their robot child climbs on shelving in the background. 

Running from February 21st until April 27, The Secret Life of Robots promises an "an unpolished look into the unseen, and often mundane, lives of robots."