The Kilakitu Kenyan Cowboy Collection Uses 'Real' Models

 - Dec 16, 2008
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Unless previously told, you would never fathom that clothes from the Kilakitu Kenyan Cowboy Collection were made from second-hand clothes. The pockets, sleeves, and cuffs are richly detailed in various patterns. Colors used in this line definitely have a traditional African flare and range from white to bright turquoise.

Kilakitu is a newly launched clothing manufacturer. Not only do they make impressive original African apparel, but check out their models. Kilakitu models look like real, everyday men. Some are tall and thin, others are bald or balding, and even a somewhat chunky fellow is used. In Western countries, we never see designers having their precious styles displayed on average people.

I really hope the best for the Kilakitu company's second-hand clothing cowboy line. May they also rock the world of Western fashion designers, and inspire them to use real people as models too.