'Chairchez La Femme' is a Clever Postcard Introduction of the Seaser Chair by Lonc

 - Jun 1, 2010
References: lonc.nl & chairblog.eu
In two days, on June 3, 2010 'lonc Living Products' will be introduced as a new furniture label. At the same time, the Seaser chair by lonc will be introduced. All here in The Hague, from where I blog.

'Chairchez' is how the French pronounce chercher, which means 'to look for.' La Femme means 'The Lady.' If you like the lady, you might like the product.

Apart from the introduction of the Seaser chair by lonc or the label (both interesting of course), I like the clever use of the ancient-style postcards to create a persona of who can identify with the product. You see the ancient Dutch Master analogy, the Barby analogy and the Middle Eastern pipe smoker.