The Searzall by Booker and Dax Lab Eliminates Hated 'Torch Taste'

 - Dec 20, 2013
References: kickstarter & uncrate
The Searzall by Booker and Dax Lab, a studio based in New York City, is essentially a handheld broiler inspired by the design of a classic blowtorch. The purpose of such an exciting tweak is to get the effects of a blowtorch without that torch aftertaste. It achieves this by forcing the flame through two layers of heat-proof mesh, thus largely reducing the flame to radiant heat.

Although a modern concept, the Searzall by Booker and Dax Lab doesn't look very modern at all. Instead, it has a steampunk appeal that many might be drawn to for sheer love of all things industrial and antiquated. Perfect for the professional and home cook, it "puts the power of a bed of hot coals in the palm of your hand –instantly," the designers state.