Players of 'Seagull Splat' Have to Avoid Flying Excrement

 - Dec 5, 2016
References: youtube
'Seagull Splat' is a family board game about a common beach-goer fear: getting in the way of a bird's bodily functions.

To demonstrate how it works, the team at 'DisneyCarToys' tested it out for themselves. To start out, they unpacked the pieces of the game, which includes colored towels with people laying on them, a large seagull that's complete with sound effects, a spinning wheel and what they refer to as "poop solution" -- which is actually soap.

As the team explains, the object of the game is to have the most pieces left that aren't covered in the white foamy substance. The spinning wheel decides where the bird does its business, so players try their best to have the arrow land on a towel color that isn't theirs. With this interactive toy involved, Seagull Splat is a humorous game that's competitive, dramatic and very user-friendly.