Sea Shell Urn

 - Feb 7, 2008
Some may feel that any talk of death or burial is cold and morbid, while others will see it as rebirth and rejuvenation, some look forward to it, while others try to outpace it with every lotion, potion and drug available. However, the result is that we will all be pronounced lifeless at some point in the future and there will be few better ways to be put to rest than a sea burial in the LOTS designed Shell Urn.

The idea that your spirit is released into the sea is a freeing and liberating thought, as opposed to others more constrictive ways one may think off. Designers have repeatedly shied away from new designs that may encroach on controversial issues in religion. The religious design dogma has been put to one side with the Shell Urn, and the sleek design has been coupled with biodegradable pressed paper to create an eco-friendly and dignified last stop.

The Shell Urn will dissolve completely in the sea, along with the messages from relatives and loved ones that have been written on the urn itself. The design is a creative one in a difficult area and a job well done and one that could attract a few new customers to the idea of a sea burial - though, I still have a slight issue with the burning-process before I get to the urn stage.