Sigalit Landau Transforms Objects Into Crystals Using Ocean Sea Salt

 - Aug 25, 2016
References: mentalfloss
Sigalit Landau's artwork moves beyond traditional artwork materials such as pencil, charcoal and paint to instead utilizes the power of sea salt to transform everyday objects into sculptural crystals. The pieces feature items such as instruments, clothing and more that has been completely dunked in the Dead Sea. The salt from the water clings to the object and, over time, renders it calcified into a oceanic work of art.

Landau's pieces explore how salt from the sea can be used to transform the alchemy in different items as a way to interpret different emotions and metaphoric symbols. For example, one of Landau's pieces features a wedding dress that has been dipped several times in the Dead Sea. As the dress opens up a conversation about notions of marriage and death as it becomes a solid crystallized rock.