Julien De Repentigny Magnifies Visuals Using Words

 - Feb 25, 2009
References: visualadvice
If you want to get your point across, say it, paint it, write it down. This is probably the thought behind the inspired creations of Julien De Repentigny, the Canada-based graphic designer that fuses visuals with words for a more packed experience, just like life has it.

Although his Visual Advice site is more comprehensive, some pieces of his work undoubtedly shine. Made only out of colored paper, the vivid Youth fountain can hardly fail to get its point across. The inspiration came at a park, with a fountain of course, and something tells me that there were kids all over. Beautific comes right out of a film collaboration between retro Disney princesses and Sin City comics, while the Ffffound Sunglasses are most likely created for you to think and others to see. The iconic Paper Ice Cream Melting surely reminds us to eat up that vibrant happiness quickly before it melts away; and since the esses are the first to go, you don’t even have to be quiet about it. Finally, the stationary, the doorhanger and the coasters form the conceptual work for Westwood Hotel, managing to explicitly get their point across but with elegance.