The iMac Flow Adds a Variety of Much-Needed Features to the Computer

 - Sep 28, 2016
References: yankodesign
The conceptual iMac Flow is a screen PC that looks to help identify a number of different ways that the iMac could be upgraded. Starting with touchscreen capabilities, the iMac Flow is outfitted with a full multi-touch display that helps to make working one's way around the digital interface a cinch.

The iMac Flow features a fingerprint scanner that's similar to the one packed into the iPhone, and it's placed on the screen PC's stand to keep it within hands reach.

Designed by Herman Haydin, the iMac Flow features one distinct characteristic that is above and beyond what we've seen anywhere prior. The computer is capable of capturing and storing the heat given off from the user's hand when they use the touchscreen to help provide supplemental power.