The Scratching Post iPhone Stand is Ideal for Grumpy Cat Fans

 - Jun 3, 2013
References: a-muzu & technabob
Lovers of cats have got to check out the Scratching Post iPhone Stand. Yes, this smartphone prop is designed to make it look as if a cat is scratching your phone. The stand measure 22 inches tall and affixes to the back of your iPhone via a suction cup. The stand is made by a Japanese company, appropriately named 'Kitan Club.'

Cats are notorious for playing with technology. They can often be found playing with iPads and batting around iPhones. The Scratching Post iPhone Stand seems as if it would only appeal to true cat lovers/those who love Internet cats. Its pricing doesn't seem too prohibitive, it’s a little under $2.00 for one stand, but you have to order 50 pieces at once.