From Summer Gothic Style to Biblical Light Concepts

 - Jun 3, 2013
Gothic style in fashion continues to hold on to its everlasting popularity. The look, as is demonstrated in today's top trends, is constantly undergoing transformations to adapt to today's most popular styles.

Lace, one of the staples of gothic style, is used in a fascinating way in the 'Olga' editorial for Vogue Russia. The looks worn by the model fuse femininity and gothic looks by having their faces covered in black lace.

Similarly, the Vogue UK 'Age of Beauty' editorial uses thinner black lace against underdone makeup to create a striking, yet bold look.

Gothic style today means much more than multiple piercings and black lipstick. As designers continue to interpret it in different ways, consumers can experiment with the look through a variety of makeup looks and clothing pieces.

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