Shigaru Ban Helps Those in Need by Replacing the Miao Miao School in China

After the Miao Miao school in China was damaged by the earthquake that swept through the area in April 2013, many children were left with no place to go and learn. To solve this problem, Shigaru Ban, an architect known for his pop-up building abilities and helping those in need, decided to build this paper nursery made from recycled materials.

The frame of this school in China was put together with cardboard pieces, steel and wood. While the space is small, it still does the job for giving the children a central place to come and be taught on a daily basis. There are two sections to the school, with a small corridor to connect the rooms. Heating of course is limited, so the children have to bundle up, but at least they are not deprived of an education. Photo Credits: designboom, shigerubanarchitects