The PCBJ Beef Jerky Scent Candle Has a Smoky, Savory Scent to Enjoy

The PCBJ (People's Choice Beef Jerky) Beef Jerky Scent Candle comes as a way to make your place smell like you've just been enjoying a fresh batch of meat snacks. The candle was created in collaboration with Wax & Wick to create a product that is capable of burning for up to 60 hours thanks to the premium soy wax and wooden wick.

The candle is purported to have distinct notes that will conjure notions of chili pepper, salt and peppr, and smoky beef that combine to create a truly unorthodox scent to have in your space. The PCBJ Beef Jerky Scent Candle is likely to increase your craving for meat snacks, while also offering a soothing crackling sound experience thanks to the wooden wick.