The Sarah Garzoni Mimesis Collection is Full of Branded Butterflies

 - Jul 29, 2011
References: sarahgarzoni & thisiscolossal
This Sarah Garzoni Mimesis collection may be full of deceased insects, but their designs are full of life.

This cunning collection is full of fluttering butterfly bodies that have been branded with company or common logos. Their delicate wings were imprinted using an ink-jet printer, using a variety of colors and designs. Some of these creative creatures are highly imaginative; imagine walking through your garden and seeing butterflies with camouflage wings, or wings with Da Vinci's designs on them. Others hint at mass materialism, featuring the Nike and Target logos.

The Sarah Garzoni Mimesis series is beautifully buggy.

Implications - Consumers appreciate artworks that creatively convey messages through their unique atypical designs or use of juxtaposition. Companies can incorporate these qualities into their product designs to appeal to potential consumers.