Sarah Cooper Differentiates Between Living in NYC versus San Francisco

 - May 7, 2015
References: thecooperreview & designtaxi
Created by Sarah Cooper of The Cooper Review, this infographic outlines the differences between living in New York City and San Francisco. She notes neither city is necessarily superior, but compares the two on various criteria. Clear distinctions can be made when it comes to the weather, apartment hunting, occupations, the garbage situation, street fashion, reasons why people are late, weekday schedules, street folk, attitude, the dating scene, brunch plans and getting together.

Sarah Cooper lived in New York City for five years and recently moved to San Francisco in California. Her personal experience acts as the basis for the information relayed in the charming illustrations and informative chart. There are unsurprisingly still some similarities, especially when it comes to high rent and (albeit different methods of) transportation causing delays.