Sanyo Solar Ark

 - Jan 10, 2008
References: solar-ark
Going green requires a huge commitment of space as well as financial resources. Designing a solar power facility that doesn't "overpower" the surrounding landscape was accomplished by Sanyo.

The aesthetically-pleasing green energy project is called the Solar Ark and is located close to the geographical center of Japan. It's covered in 5,000 solar panels which are capable of generating more than 500,000 kilowatt hours of energy.

From the front, the ark is a pleasing curved design that can withstand strong typhoons and earthquakes.

If you're making your way to the area, check out the Ark View Cafe.

"On the tables,you'll notice prompts to get you thinking about everyday environmental issues. Why not sit down, relax and enjoy a conversation that's a little out of the ordinary? Or, if you're feeling a little more energetic, you can climb up the grassy hill onto the roof of the cafe and have a view of the 315m Solar Ark all to yourself," Sanyo's site suggests.

They offer coffee, tea, ice cream and other goodies.