Sandy Noble's Polargraphs are Based on a Polar Coordinate System

 - Jun 30, 2011
References: polargraph & fastcodesign
It is hard to be original anymore in the art world, yet Sandy Noble has devised a way to be original while also embracing the wave of the future. He has created a robotic system that sketches out stunning pixelated prints.

Although Sandy Noble's primitive robot was adapted to a similar system that was designed to create Arctic maps, his work is quite singular. Yet, since it is based on a polar coordinate system, Sandy Noble appropriately calls his work Polargraphs.

What I particularly like about Sandy Noble's Polargraphs is how there is chaos in the measured strokes of the robot's arm. Although programmed to parse a bitmapped image into polar coordinates, Sandy Noble sets it up purposely so that he never knows quite how each drawing will turn out.