Sandra Lazzarini Shoots Intimately Peaceful and Unusual Moments

Sandra Lazzarini has an unusual lens which peers inside the oddest of intimate, personal human moments. Giving truth to the old adage 'a picture is worth a thousand words,' Lazzarini's photos tell a detailed story that leaves much to the viewer's imagination.

Whether through the evocative eyes of her subjects, unconventional accessories, or exquisite settings juxtaposed against them in her split screen shots, her cinematic captures are heartwarming and familiar in their candid nature. The Italian photog, who goes by LaSandra professionally, is influenced by the inherent beauty of nature from all over the world which feeds human life. These incredible photos double as food for the soul, as they embrace the warmth of feeling.

Implications - Candid photography has an intimacy to it that consumers embrace as an emotional outlet. The heartwarming imagery and emotion evoked through the subjects is often familiar to consumers who are unable to express these emotions in words.