The Sandglass Light May Not Keep Time but it Will Light Your Way

 - Oct 7, 2011
References: newtech-enews & yankodesign
This Sandglass Light by designer Jun-sang Kim has little to do with the classic timekeeper other than its seductive lines. This light does not keep time in anyway nor does it work on a timer contrary to its appearance. It does, however, have various settings and light levels that can be activated with a gentle twist.

Beautifully crafted and punctuated with the undeniable allure of novelty, the Sandglass Light is a fantastic addition to any and every room in the home. You may buy it for its design, but its worth goes far beyond its outward appearances. Its various light levels make it ideal for entertaining. You can choose between brights when you're trying to spy fine detail, lush and romantic lighting when you're trying to set a certain mood and a whisper of illumination when you need a nightlight.

Style and function go hand in hand with this glowing faux time piece. The Sandglass Light's appearance may puzzle, but its utilitarian nature will make it a lasting companion.