Svetlana Ivanchenko's Series of Sand Shell Mosaic Art is Captivating

 - Dec 8, 2012
References: odditycentral
Svetlana Ivanchenko makes intricate and detailed sand shell mosaic art using natural material found on beaches.

The Ukranian artist makes use of sand, seashells, quartz and even tree bark to create these whimsical mosaics. From afar, the portraits look as if they were painted by hand but upon closer inspection, you can see the tiny natural materials used. Looking at these makes you feel how daunting the careful and detailed portraits must have been to complete. In fact, she has created each by hand and did not use any other color other what is found in the natural environment. With a keen eye for color, the portraits display her incredible talent as each tiny material she uses is perfectly placed in the right areas.

The artists sand shell mosaic artwork, which has been displayed in various art galleries worldwide is a fine example of what can be done when blending creativity and natural elements into one.