BioLEDs Spawn Tech

 - Oct 12, 2007
References: treehugger
In attempt to hop about the green wave, a scientist discovered that salmon sperm could lead to improvements in LED lighting technologies.

"Andrew Steckl, an expert in photonics from the University of Cincinnati, has been working to intensify the properties of LEDs by using biological materials - specifically DNA from salmon sperm," TreeHugger reported.

Steckl said of his research, "Biological materials have many technologically important qualities â€" electronic, optical, structural, magnetic. But certain materials are hard for us to duplicate, such as DNA and proteins.”

"Salmon sperm is considered a waste product of the fishing industry. It's thrown away by the ton. It's natural, renewable and perfectly biodegradable."

Steckl is really spawning new possibilities in LEDs. If he gets all his research in a "roe", this could be a really positive way to integrate environmentally friendly, biodegradable technologies into our everyday lives, and inspire other companies to do the same.