Salazon Chocolate Bars Combine Opposing Flavors to Create Perfection

 - Jan 12, 2010
References: salazonchoc & coolhunting
I’ve had moments, and I’m positive you can recall one or two yourself, when I’ve craved for something and couldn’t quite figure out what it was for; well, with these Salazon Chocolate bars, you can satisfy just about anything. What do I mean? Well, usually when I’m stuck on what to stuff my face with, it’s because I’m struggling with either a need for something savory or sweet; this is a perfect blend of both.

Dark chocolate sprinkled with sea salt may make your eyebrow raise up rather than your stomach growl, but I’ve heard of crazier food pairings before. This organic line offers three flavors. Visit for more info on Salazon Chocolate bars.