This Sailor Moon Pop-Up Pays Tribute to the Iconic Anime Series

 - Apr 6, 2016
References: roppongihills & eater
A Sailor Moon pop-up recently opened in Tokyo to the delight of anime fans everywhere. Located right next door to a Sailor Moon art exhibit, this cafe serves as the ultimate tribute to the iconic anime series.

The Sailor Moon pop-up is called the Chibiusa Cafe it is located in Tokyo's Roppongi Hills complex. The cafe is not only decorated with Sailor Moon memorabilia, but everything down to the food and drinks is inspired by the cartoon. One of these anime-themed dishes is the Sailor Moon Special Hamburger, which features a pink bun designed to look like the heroine's signature star emblem and a side of star-shaped fries. There is also a pasta dish inspired by Tuxedo Mask and a berry mousse dessert shaped like Luna. As far as refreshments, there are five different Sailor Senshi Beauty Juice drinks for customers to choose from.