Samsung's Safety Truck Offers Motorists a View of Oncoming Traffic

 - Jun 22, 2015
References: global.samsungtomorrow & gizmag
The Safety Truck is an ingenious vehicle that enables motorists driving behind the truck to get a view of oncoming traffic.

When driving behind large semi-trailers on single-lane highways, motorists often take risks overtaking them because this puts them in the path of oncoming traffic. Therefore Samsung Electronics came up with a solution -- by mounting cameras on the front of the truck that relayed a live video feed to the trucks rear, motorists behind the truck are given a view of the road ahead.

The Safety Truck's screen is enabled both day and night, can could significantly reduce accidents caused by risky overtaking. Moreover, it also offers the bonus feature of being able to provide drivers with insights into road hazards up ahead, giving them time to react.