This Safety Alarm Acts as a Weapon and Personal Siren

 - Jul 23, 2013
References: unikia & likecool
The Hit personal safety alarm is a defensive device ideal for women of all ages. Hit is a multifunctional key ring that has an ear-slittingly loud alarm to ward off would-be attackers. Created and conceived by Unikia, this super portable personal safety alarm is additionally designed to be difficult to deactivate.

As the assailant struggles to silence the sound, the distraction gives one an opportunity to flee. Or, the assaulter will run themselves. If the loud siren is not enough, a key pops out and can be wielded as a weapon, presenting another defensive option in a worst case scenario. The Hit personal alarm requires four replaceable standard CR2032 batteries (which come included) and is available for less than 20 euros.