The SafeDome Secure Keeps Your Mac from Robbers

 - Jun 28, 2012
References: kensington & chipchick
Because you never know who is eyeing your iMac computer, waiting for you to leave the house so he can snatch it up, you should use the SafeDome Secure to hold it in place. Developed by Kensington, the SafeDome Secure is a clamp for your iMac that keeps your computer safe and sound where it belongs (on your desk).

Comprising a small dome designed to attach to the rear of your iMac computer via an anchor plate (there are two sizes depending on the size of your iMac), the SafeDome Secure also features a slot through which you can thread your charging cables. According to ChipChick, once the dome, plate and cables are secure, the device should "hold fast against even the most furious attempts at theft." Further, the design of the device is white and sleek so that it goes hand-in-hand with Apple's clean and pristine aesthetic.