The S2 Small Stone MP3 Player Embodies a Harmonious Natural Form

 - Jun 2, 2011
References: amazon & 7gadgets
There's something to be said for manufacturing items to be true to their materiality, but there's something irresistible about the S2 Small Stone mp3 Player. Though it is not in fact made of rock or designed to be used as or with rocks, perhaps its ability to play rock music is enough to merit its pebble form?

The miniature media gadget is the optimal size and shape to fit snugly within a pocket. The smooth rounded shell would also make it rather comfortable for holding it within the palm of your hand. One side of the device exudes an attractive glossy finish, uncharacteristic of most electronics, while its buttons are hidden on the underside. The S2 Small Stone mp3 Player may be masquerading as something that it is not, however, it embodies an organic and zen-like quality that's totally refreshing.