The RX Pharmacy Jar on Etsy Elegantly Stores Your Bathroom Products

 - Jun 9, 2011
References: etsy
The RX Pharmacy Jar sold by 'sevenbc' on Etsy is the cutest way to store your bathroom essentials. A noted feature of the RX Pharmacy Jar is its vintage qualities. These jars were purchased from the the estate of a retired pharmacist in the 1950s.

The jars have very elegant characteristics, with their sheen white ceramic finish and golden detailing. Both jars are printed in the same gold finish, one with 'Bella-Donna' and the other with 'Nux-Vomica.' The RX Pharmacy Jar will add charm and elegance to your vanity, bathroom or dresser, and the fact that they are antique pieces makes them that more special. They are available for purchase online at the 'sevenbc' shop.