Nocciolart's Rustic Branding Identity is Simple and Charming

 - Jun 25, 2014
References: studiosannaadv & packagingoftheworld
Using the history and traditions of hazelnuts as their inspirational muse, Nocciolart went for a rustic branding identity that perfectly embodies the product and its delicious essence.

Designed by Italian design studio Studio Sanna Adv, the striking Nocciolart packaging design shines a spotlight on the Piedmont hazelnuts because they are universally recognized as the best in the world -- so why not toot their own horn for marketing reasons when they have the goods to back it up?

The charming and refined packaging doesn't only look good but comes with a homage of information about the hazelnuts and their benefits. What makes this rustic branding identity unique is its simplicity and how they are able to relay a message without the over-the-top drama found in some branding designs.