'Rural Studio' Created This Home Design That Can Be Built for $20,000

 - Jan 30, 2016
References: ruralstudio.org & mymodernmet
Auburn University's Rural Studio undergraduate program has created this special low-cost concept home specially designed for the rural poor.

The '20K Project' is a program to create a dwelling for under $20,000. The homes are designed for individuals on Social Security and offer a comfortable living space in a realistic price range. Each 500 square foot concept home features a corrugated metal exterior covering a wooden timber frame. The entire structure is perched on an elevated pier platform, which is cleverly designed to reduce utility costs through a passive heating and cooling system, depending on the season.

The interior of each one bedroom and bathroom home also offers a cozy and manageable living space at a fair price. Thanks to initiatives like this, personal home ownership for those less fortunate can become a realistic possibility.