'The Rules of Going to the Desert' is Hilariously Accurate

 - Jan 22, 2012
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For many city dwellers, myself included, "roughing it" means ordering from the cheaper pizza place while wearing last night's makeup, so the idea of a real trip into the wilderness is a little overwhelming -- luckily, 'The Rules of Going to the Desert' is here to help.

Rather than offering survival tips like you might expect from a desert travel guide, Christie Young's hilarious illustrated how-to lists a number of scenarios likely to arise on a city girl's first trip to the desert. Starting with the obligatory stop at a fast food joint for some grub, and ending with the camper getting a little too caught up in nature and baring her breasts to the moon, each moment is packed with humor and (sadly) realism.

For anyone who has found themselves on a disastrous desert trip, or for those city folks who will remain as such forever and always, 'The Rules of Going to the Desert' promises to not fall flat.