Royal Wedding Day Air Bottles the Breeze on the Big Day

 - Apr 29, 2011
References: wix & newslite
Not everyone has been invited to get close enough to the monarchical marriage festivities to smell it, so Watt UK has thoughtfully asserted they'll have a team ready at the occasion to collect Royal Wedding Day Air.

The expression "love is in the air" may have all the more meaning with reference to the regal couple Prince William and Kate Middleton, and the atmospheric aroma would only be enhanced by the scent of exuberant flowers and the fragrance of expensive perfumes. Many anticipate the nuptials to be a magical moment in history, and a keepsake-like bottled air from the ceremony could become a priceless possession.

The intended entrappers of Royal Wedding Day Air market their product as similar to a bottle of costly champagne. A special future occasion may call for the popping of the cork and a communal contemplative whiff of the aged conjugal wind.