Roxxxy is a Talking, Life-Sized Lady Friend

 - Jan 11, 2010
Blow up dolls are amusing. They also come in handy for a futile attempt at replacing a girlfriend to cuddle with at night. They also prove as inspiring, at least for one man, named Douglas Hines, the creator of Roxxxy, one of the world’s first ever life-sized sex toys. Besides looking like a ‘souped-up’ or sexed-up blow up doll, Roxxxy does a lot more than look good; she can actually talk.

Hines, a sex toy innovator, believes the key to a lasting relationship lies in the ability to communicate, and so, he made Roxxxy, a woman of words and feeling.

According to a report from, when you touch the robot’s hand, she senses you and says "I love holding hands with you." It’s like a super-furby. Her debut was in Las Vegas, this past weekend. Note: you shouldn’t hope to replace real people with Roxxxy or any other sex toy, for that matter.