This Stylish Roll-Up Case is Decorated to Look Like a Real Burrito

 - May 3, 2016
References: foodiggityshop & foodiggity
For eaters that are seeking to incorporate their love for Mexican fare into their fashionable accessories, there is the realistic-looking roll-up pencil case shaped like a tortilla. The case features a multi-purpose folding design that allows consumers to place inside a variety of writing utensils and small tech devices for stationary use.

The Tortilla Pencil Case is as one would imagine: a plush material case with a convenient design that can be wrapped. Both the inside and exterior of the case is decorated with a photo-realistic print of a tortilla shell. The inside contains several indents to slide pencils, pens, markers and USBs inside. The more items filled inside the pencil case, the larger the burrito will appear. At a quick glance, the case looks truly like an edible taco.