This World Clock Can Be Nudged To Display Different Time Zones

 - Mar 5, 2015
References: & gizmag
The rolling World Clock from Korean design firm Elevenplus can show you the time in 24 different time zones and amuse you while doing it. While it's true that a quick Google search or a consultation of a smartphone app can help you figure out the time around the world, that's not nearly as fun or elegant as this clock.

The World Clock has a cylindrical body with time zones engraved at intervals. When you want to check out the time for your current location, simply roll the clock so that the time zone aligns with the traditional clock position. The clock's hands spin independently of the clock face, meaning they stay in the same position while the numbers rotate with the body. When the clock is released, it rolls back to your time zone.

The World Clock shows that you don't have to have technological sophistication to create a gadget that is clever, tasteful, elegant and incredibly functional.