The Sonnenschiff Solar City By Rolf Disc is Super Eco-Friendly

 - Aug 17, 2010   Updated: Jun 15 2011
The Sonnenschiff Solar City by Rolf Disc is definitely an innovative concept to conserve and generate energy.

Providing four times the energy it consumes, this complex of 52 homes uses solar panels and other power-conserving sources to ensure an eco-friendly housing environment. As a super green living option for environmentalists, this Sonnenschiff Solar City by Rolf Disc will undoubtedly inspire more eco-friendly housing options for the future.

Implications - The world is shifting towards a more eco-conscious mode of fuel consumption. As such, corporations that actively seek to harness alternative fuel sources enjoy a spike in popularity due to their commitment to green initiatives. Corporations looking to easily create empathetic customer relations can do so by incorporating environmentally conscious initiatives into their daily operations.