Rodrigo Traina Compares Plastic to Flesh in 'Models or Dolls'

 - Sep 17, 2013
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Rodrigo Triana toys with the idea that people are treated similar to dolls, where there is a thin line between the two within fashion photography. The models within this shoot are moved around as if they are dolls where they are primped and prodded throughout.

Makeup brushes, hands and hairstylists are forced upon the models throughout each individual frame. It is uncomfortable to look through the pictures as we know they are human beings.

The Rodrigo Triana shoot is a great commentary of what goes on in the fashion world and the hardships that models have to face. They might not always be in their comfort zone but sometimes in order to create the "perfect shot," they have to do things they are not comfortable with. This shoot is a commentary on the industry and fashion photography in general.