Spot the Kickable Robot Was Developed By Boston Dynamics

 - Feb 11, 2015
References: bostondynamics & gizmag
'Spot' is a robotic dog, developed by Boston Dynamics, that is a smaller and nimbler cousin of the Big Dog robotic 'mule' unveiled back in 2005. Spot weighs only 160 pounds and is an electrically powered, hydraulically activated four-legged robot.

Aside from its more compact size, Spot holds numerous advantages over Big Dog. Its legs are angled backwards like the legs of a goat, making it easier for it to hop about and navigate narrow spaces. A swift kick to its side doesn't affect it much as it quickly regains its balance and continues to trot around in a very lifelike manner.

While Boston Dynamics hasn't openly revealed the best applications for this robotic dog, its small size and mechanical advantages suggest that it could be of use in military settings as a robotic scout, reconnaissance tool or even autonomous guard dog.