Replacing Inefficient Humans (Video)

 - Jan 16, 2007
References: timesonline
In a world where demand is high and most products are automatically produced by robots, it only makes sense that our dwellings follow that trend. Dr. Behrokh Khoshneivis is leading a team at USC who are almost ready to unveil the robot. Costing $1.5M, this robot is designed to build homes with absolutely no human help. The "home-bot" will have minimal limitation in architectural design, "If you ask a bricklayer to lay bricks in anything other than a straight line, you'll run into problems, but if you ask the robot to make a squiggly line it really doesn't care.” Using only two materials to construct the house, gypsum and concrete will be sprayed in layers to form floors, walls and roofs. The robots are rigged to a metal frame, enabling them to shuttle in three dimensions and assemble the structure of the house layer by layer. The first prototype will be a watertight shell of a two-storey house built in 24 hours, which will take place in California before April. This is truly revolutionary project and will help thousands of people by increasing production 200-fold and dropping prices to a fifth of what they are today. However if it does go mainstream, it will most likely put many hard working men and women out of a job creating other problems...but at least they won't be homeless.