Roberts Ecologic 6 DAB Clock Radio Blends Old & New

 - May 30, 2009
References: robertsradio & pocket-lint
When retro things were new, they weren’t that cool. When retro things became old, they became cool (quite the conundrum). The solution? Put new features into retro items for optimal cool!

The Roberts Ecologic 6 DAB Clock Radio has a unique retro analog clock display on the face and a digital display on the top that angles at 45 degrees for easy viewing. Although there is a mighty cluster of buttons at the top, the retro look balances out that minor detail.

The reason for buttons? Features! Every clock has standard on/off, alarm set, time set, snooze, volume, AM/FM functions. With the Ecologic 6, more are required for the DAB technology, like digital audio broadcasting—satellite-ish.

Overall the clock has a modern-day feel with a retro look, which by my mathematics adds up to cool!