This Colorful Street Art Uses Road as a Canvas

 - Jun 12, 2013
References: langbaumann & yatzer
This is the latest work by street art duo Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann, who use road as a canvas instead of a wall. This creative team covered a large strip of road in vibrantly colored paints.

This artistic team's newest work can be seen in Rennes, France. This bright road art uses colors like blue, pink, yellow, black and white to breathe life into this once dull strip of road. This piece essentially just consists of jagged colorful lines, but it's lovely to look at.

The admirable street art duo of Lang and Baumann takes boring everyday settings and transform them into colorful works of art. This brightly colored piece in particular must make drivers in Rennes feel like they're cruising on some kind of peculiar rainbow.