The River Bookcase Has Curved Cubby Modules to Make Natural Fluid Forms

So much of the furniture on the market is remarkably rigid, manufactured with straight lines and perpendicular edges that match the boxiness of most rooms. The River Bookcase, however, connects to its user in a more organic way, because humans do not move about their homes in 90-degree zigzags.

Antonello Italia presents this adaptable piece that's made from wood with a natural or lacquered matte finish. The frame is modular and consists of separate cubbies that can be stacked together like blocks to form freestanding walls of staggered compartments. Larger arrangements can even function as room dividers.

You will, however, notice that the storage system does not comprise your standard rectangular boxes. The River Bookcase is made up of curved units that can be oriented in different ways and patterns to produce snaking undulations or big curves and circles.