Riva Venice Table Unites Naturally and Artificially Processed Parts

 - Feb 7, 2012
References: riva1920.it & trendir
The combination of two very different materials can produce some inspiring examples of design and the Riva Venice Table is a striking demonstration of this aesthetic phenomenon. Here you have this gorgeous piece of smooth polished steel, precision cut and juxtaposed against the organic beauty of weather-worn sections of tree stump.

One has been manufactured by man and the other treated by the environment's extreme and volatile conditions of wind and rain.
But despite their opposing origins, the sheet of metal and the segments of logs stand in perfect harmony when assembled together. Claudio Bellini has positioned the wood so that it appears to puncture and penetrate the pristine industrial plane, embodying a strong sense of formal poetry. The Riva Venice Table is more sculptural than functional and would appear right at home if placed in a front foyer.