Rise Science is a Personal Sleeping Coach for Elite Athletes

 - Jun 13, 2017
References: risescience & fastcodesign
Design brand Ideo created a start-up, Rise Science to help athletes get a better night sleep so they can preform well on game day. Jeff Kahn, the CEO of Rise Science has published research which suggests that increased sleep results in "70% fewer injuries across the season, 8% faster reaction times, a 5% increase in successfully completed plays and even three to five more plays per game." Kahn believes his new sleep app could ensure players get an additional 54 minutes of sleep a night.

The app provides a sleep coaching system which creates personalized sleep plans. These plans are curated using data which includes how long it takes a player to fall asleep, and even how noisy their bedroom is at night. The app tracks sleep debt, sleep cycles, and offers solutions to ensure players are receiving ample time to rest and recover.