The Riedel Dragon Decanter is Sleekly Designed to Be Noticed and Admired

 - Apr 19, 2013
References: amazon & sweet-station
Wine is a refined beverage that entails a certain ritual in order to properly enjoy it and the Riedel Dragon Decanter can make the experience a little bit more playful. Carafes are a sophisticated -- and some claim necessary -- means to serve wine, so that it has ample time to aerate and breathe.

The Riedel Dragon Decanter is elegantly crafted and almost slithers across the surface it's placed on with it's slender body and tail. Delicately pressed divots help to define the creatures long neck and the snout of the beat is perfectly shaped for pouring as much or as little as you like.

The Riedel Dragon Decanter is a great offering for new home owners or those who appreciate obscure glassware. What's more, the dragon is the symbol of strength in Chinese culture, so it makes a great way to bid friends the best for the future.