The On

 - Jul 2, 2008
Oil prices seem to be traveling down a one way street, and it is directed upward. To cope with the costs, people are looking for alternatives to conventional transportation methods.

Damien Cally is an innovator looking to offer such an alternative. He has designed the On, a two-wheeled electric vehicle that looks like a Segway. This vehicle is ideal for traveling to work and other shorter distances. The On can make daily commuting less stressful and more eco-friendly; because it's an electric vehicle, it makes no air pollution.

The design of the On is derived from the flexibility and speed of a privately owned car, yet enhanced with more ecological benefits. Riding this vehicle is somewhat similar to riding a motorcycle or a bike. In addition, because of its compact size, drivers of the On won't have a hard time finding good parking spaces.

Though the On is not yet available to the public, Cally is optimistic that years from now, the On will have a presence on streets and roads, offering a whole new system of public transportation.